Chris (CHYLD) has been around music all his life. At the age of 8, Chris picked up the Drums, his first instrument. At the age of 9 taught himself the Piano, and shortly after picked up Ukulele, Guitar, and Bass. In addition, Chris started singing publicly at age 16, making his debut singing "Say Something" by Ian Axel, with a high-school band. Originally part of the duo 'FREEVØ', Chris Barry has been releasing elegant, heart-capturing tunes for the past 4 years. After deciding it was time to curate his own path with solo music, CHYLD was born, and the journey is just beginning. Along with other collaborations, such as "Ice Cream" with Rhode Island EDM/Rap duo Loppside, CHYLD released "Cold Night" featuring August Rose with Lowly Palace Records, as well as "Bedtime" with Drowsy, based out of Las Vegas, and released by Tommy Boy Records

"I hear an idea like a symphony that hurts my head."

- Chris