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From the world of Indie Pop and Electronic music, producer and songwriter CHYLD has been making all the right moves in a world that can at times be all too predictable. Highly addictive with hooks that are simply sublime, CHYLD broke through with his track ANTIDOTE and set the standard for future work to come.


Deeply melodic and eye-wateringly infectious, CHYLD has grabbed the future by the horns and is creating a body of work that is gaining traction with audiences everywhere. Collaborating with artists such as Anou, Tennyson, Mickey Darling, and many more.


His debut album "Moments" released in August of 2023, featuring artists such as NIKOLE, Pink Navel, Malik Elijah & Layzi. Original, authentic, and complex - everything CHYLD touches is a unique experience, his music is an undeniable pleasure as CHYLD continually gives birth to music that will live in the memory forever.

"We love indie pop-electronic artist and producer CHYLD 's signature sound, with irresistible beats that are anything but predictable."
"CHYLD continually births his unparalleled music that will live on forever and be the soundtrack to all our little moments."

Grace Chapman, Pop Passion

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